NLP Practitioner Certification Course

Course Details

4 Days Classroom Training
NLP Practitioner Guide
28 Contact Hours
Course Completion Certificate
14Jul(Fri), 15Jul(Sat), 21Jul(Fri), 22Jul(Sat)
AED 2500/- (Includes Breakfast, Lunch, Tea/coffee)
What is NLP?

According to Robert B. Dilts (a renowned guru of NLP), Neuro-Linguistic Programming encompasses the three most influential components involved in producing human experience: neurology, language and programming.

Who should attend ?
  • Parents, Businessmen, Working Professionals
  • Anyone who wants to be more successful in whatever that they do
  • Anyone who wants to build & maintain excellent relationships – personal or otherwise
  • Anyone who wants to develop excellent communication skills
  • Anyone who wants to conquer their fears no matter what they may be
  • Anyone who want to become more objective in life and kill procrastination for good
About the Coach:

The coach is an industry expert with more than 41 years of work experience spanning across industry verticals. He has trained over 40k people from various corporate/industries largely from UAE. He is a soft-skills trainer, a passionate fan of NLP, a certified NLP Practitioner, Master Practitioner, Train The Trainer, as well as a NLP certified Coach.

His training programs include customer service, sales, leadership, indoor sales, telemarketing and life coaching.  He has authored books on customer service, sales, sales management, persuasion techniques and more.

Section I

  • What is Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP)?
  • Brief History of NLP
  • NLP Model of Communication
  • Principles of Success
  • State & Goals
  • Keys to Achievable Outcomes
  • Well Formed Conditions
  • Presuppositions of NLP
  • Prime Directives & Power of the Unconscious Mind
  • How to Empower Yourself?
  • The Ethics of Healing.

Section II

Improving Sensory Acuity & Representational Systems:
  • Sensory Acuity
  • Rapport
  • Eye Accessing Cues & Patterns
  • Representational Systems (RS)
  • Favored Representational System
  • Predicate & Predicate Phrases
  • The RS Preference Test
  • Accessing Learning State.

Section III

Submodalities, Strategies & Anchoring:
  • Submodalities
  • Submodalities Checklist
  • Contrastive Analysis
  • Changing Beliefs using Submodalities
  • Logical Levels of Therapy
  • Strategy Elicitation
  • Deep Love Strategy
  • Swish pattern
  • TOTE Model of Strategies
  • Other Strategies – samples
  • Designing & Installing Strategies
  • What is Anchoring & Steps
  • Various kinds of Anchoring
  • Building Resource Anchors
  • Moving from procrastination to motivation.

Section IV

Language Patterns & Reframing:
  • Hierarchy of Ideas
  • The Agreement Frame
  • Intonation Patterns
  • Presuppositions
  • Meta Model
  • Milton Model
  • Context, Meaning, Content & Six-Step Reframing
  • Parts and Positive Intentions
  • Parts Integration
  • Negotiating
  • NLP Model of Therapy
  • Suggested Family Therapy Model
  • The Meeting Format.
  • Excellence as a NLP Practitioner.

Section V

Hypnosis/Master the Unconscious Mind:
  • What is Hypnosis?
  • Principles of Deep Hypnosis
  • Six Stages of Hypnosis
  • Pacing & Leading
  • Self Hypnosis:
    • Hallways of the Mind
    • New Behavior Generator
    • Phobic Cure
    • Seven Step Reframe
    • Story Telling & Therapeutic Metaphors.

Section VI

Time Line Therapy/Changing Personal History:
  • Introduction to Time Lines: Organization and storage of time
  • ‘In Time’ and ‘Through Time’
  • Time Line Therapy Outline, Script & Process
  • Elicitation of the time line
  • Changing the time line
  • Releasing negative emotions
  • Releasing limiting decisions
  • Installing future goals.

Section VII

  • Various scripts
Student Handouts/Takeaway:
  • NLP Practitioner Guide
Benefits of NLP:
Some of the key benefits of NLP include:
  • Gain more confidence
  • Communicate more effectively – be more persuasive & assertive
  • Resolve inner conflicts, develop healthy and meaningful relations; both at work and at home
  • Earn money, fame and status
  • Help others in resolving their problems and improve on the quality of their lives
  • Have better Health & lead a better life overall
  • Create empowering beliefs that will help you to achieve personal as well as professional goals
  • Manage your emotions and respond to stress for a higher level of success and a better quality of life
  • Develop good leadership skills that will propel you to success at work or business quickly
  • Learn to model success and much, much more.
  • Excellent Trainer. Approach and attitude was apt which was refreshing. All other aspects including Training delivery, Topics coverage, Course material and contents and Training Venue were very good.

    Sohail ShaukatRM Systems Analyst, Etihad Airways, Abu Dhabi
  • Friendly Trainer. The Trainer was knowledgeable and delivered Training as per expectation. Participation was highly encouraged. Very good Training services including Course Material and Training Venue.

    S. T. ArasuHealthcare Projects Consultant, Dubai
  • Excellent Training from all perspectives. All the students were actively involved and discussion with the Trainer all the times and most of the things Trainer shared is very unique.

    Mohammed ImtiyazProject Manager, Gulf Mode, Dubai
  • The Training was delivered as per expectation. The Trainer was highly knowledgeable and active participation was encouraged. I liked the flexibility of EMPOWER in letting us attend missed classes in subsequent Batch.

    Ali Asgar KanpurawalaSr. Engineer, Emitac, Dubai
  • Very good training. Excellent Training venue and comfortable facilities.

    Andrew Xiao JunzhaoESD Consultant, Meinhardt Facade Technology, Dubai
  • Trainer was highly knowledgeable and delivered Training as per expectation. Contents were organised and easy to follow. Training venue was very good. Liked the most that the Training was short and sweet with good Trainer.

    Ali Basha MohammadLogistics Consultant, Ehrhardt + Partner GmbH & Co. KG, Dubai
  • Excellent training from all perspectives. The Trainer was highly knowledgeable and encourage active participation. The Topics covered were relevant to me and the contents were organised and easy to follow.

    Juliane MunchSustainability Expert and Project Manager, COWI Gulf A/S, Dubai
  • Trainer was extremely knowledgeable, encouraged active participation and covered topics relevant to me. Course materials provided were very good and Training Venue was very good as well. Good number of participants made the session very interactive.

    Bachir ArkeITD PMO Specialist, Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank, Dubai
  • The Trainer was solid in the field and illustrated many examples. Active participation was highly encouraged. The topics covered were relevant to me and the content was easy to follow.

    Ala' KhattabBusiness Excellence Manager, Technology Strategies Middle East - TSME, Dubai
Training Venue
Copthorne Hotel
Near Deira City Centre, Deira, Dubai
Elegant and Comfortable seating
Free Basement Parking
Easy access by RTA Metro or Bus
Free High Speed Internet
Complimentary Breakfast
Complimentary Coffee Breaks
Complimentary Buffet Lunch